How Big Data is Helping in the Fight Against Child Abuse

Data. It’s at the genesis of everything we do as a business. We also know there’s a profound impact we can have when we mobilize data to understand and solve our communities’ biggest issues. This week, TexProtects, the Texas Association for the Protection of Children – in partnership with Alliance Data, our Epsilon business and the University of Texas (UT) at Dallas School of Engineering and Computer Sciences’ UT Design program – unveiled the ZipRisk Map.

This new tool is an example of the collective impact that can be realized when groups come together. Alliance Data and Epsilon are committed to using data and technology for good, so when we learned of the opportunity to fund and support the development of this tool, we knew we had to get involved. For the past two semesters, Epsilon’s data technology specialists have mentored a handful of UT Design students as they worked together to build this data-driven “risk assessment map.” The new geo-mapping tool is the first to provide a ZIP code-level view of these high-need areas, and will help policy-makers, advocates and other non-profits across Texas identify and more effectively direct funding to those areas of highest-risk.

Here’s how it works.

This project not only produced an incredibly valuable tool for the Dallas community, and potentially the rest of the nation, but it also gave these students, months away from graduating and entering the workforce, the opportunity to see first-hand a few things: 1.) what corporate America looks like from the inside, 2.) how it only takes a few determined minds to crea
te something of great impact, 3.) the power of collaboration to do social good. Now, I’m sure they learned way more than that, but what an invaluable experience at such an early stage in their career development.

It’s collaboration between corporations/nonprofits and universities like this that provides the next generation of our workforce with valuable experiences crucial to setting a strong foundation of knowledge early in their careers.

We know this will be a powerful tool helping TexProtects achieve its mission to increase investment in evidence-based child abuse prevention and treatment programs. For Alliance Data and our associates, it embodies our ability to leverage our deep understanding of the power of data to truly make a difference to those that need our help the most. That’s what we call data for good.

To read more about why this new geo-mapping tool is groundbreaking, read Laura Gardiner’s blog post on Epsilon’s ‘A Brand New View.’

Danielle Ricketts is a Corporate Affairs Specialist at Alliance Data. Her role is the best in the biz, or so she says. Each day she has the opportunity to share with internal and external audiences the amazing efforts Alliance Data is taking to protect data, give back to the community, reward and engage associates, and lessen its impact on the environment.

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