Our commitment: Create a workplace where associates can grow and contribute to the success of the company.

Our associates drive our success,

so we must attract and retain the best and the brightest.

Competitive pay, excellent benefits, and professional development opportunities that challenge and motivate are essential elements of our associate value proposition. So is our culture — and that’s where we distinguish ourselves. We make it a priority to listen and act on what’s important to associates, and to give them room to have fun, stay healthy, be themselves, and balance work and life commitments.

Leading the Way

Each of our businesses has unique programs designed to engage and enable its associates. Through our use of surveys, data analytics, and frequent one-on-one career conversations, we’ve become especially proficient in understanding associates’ needs and adjusting our practices and programs to meet them.

Melisa Miller Executive Vice President & President, Alliance Data’s card services business

Spotlight: Making Healthcare a Priority

We’re always on the lookout for ways to simplify healthcare for our associates. That’s why we decided to open an on-site clinic in Columbus, Ohio, where we have a large concentration of associates.

2016 Highlights

  • Invested $6.5 million in 415,000 associate training hours

  • 93% of associates agree Alliance Data provides benefits that meet their needs

  • Reimbursed associates more than $2 million for qualified gym memberships and group exercise programs

  • Launched a Diversity and Inclusion Council and guidelines for affinity groups

  • Controlled healthcare costs — no increase in associate premiums

Engage associates and develop leaders who are passionate about the company.

Launch formalized training protocol for new people managers to arm them with the necessary management skills to lead, motivate, and empower our growing workforce.
  • Invested more than 415,000 hours and $6.5 million in associate training.
  • Established new coaching programs from manager to vice president levels with curriculum from leading universities.
  • Developed Card Services’ new Career Vision intranet site, which received 30,000 hits in the first three months.
  • Rolled out a new, more frequent approach to ongoing performance feedback, coaching, and training for managers.
Reduce voluntary turnover rates by 1% annually.
  • Annual voluntary turnover rates decreased .5% to 15.8% (12.5% among salaried and 21.2% among hourly associates).
  • Improving voluntary turnover rates is an ongoing challenge due to a highly competitive market for technology talent and rapidly evolving workforce demographics. However, we are doing better than the industry average voluntary turnover rate of 19.3%.
Increase engagement and enablement scores by 2%.
(Engagement refers to an associate’s commitment to the organization and willingness to go above and beyond the job requirements. Enablement refers to how well-positioned associates feel they are for success and if they’re being effectively utilized.)
  • Enablement score climbed to 73% in 2016, up 4% since the three-year goal was set.
  • Engagement has remained stable at 78%.
  • 81% of associates are proud to work for Alliance Data.
  • 73% said they would recommend Alliance Data as one of the best places to work.
  • 93% agree Alliance Data provides benefits that meet their needs.
  • Manage voluntary turnover, with a focus on associate retention and enablement. 
  • Invest in talent development programs through training courses, coaching, and academic advancement opportunities.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made

Support overall well-being of the “whole associate.”

Continue to provide access to premier health benefits and wellness programs that improve the health of our associates and their families.
  • No increase in healthcare benefit premiums.
  • Use of MDLIVE, our 24/7/365 telemedicine program, increased again in 2016, with 3,484 total doctor consultations and 10,500 doctor consultations since inception.
  • Reimbursed associates more than $2 million for qualified gym memberships and group exercise programs.
  • Took 1.5 billion steps through the biannual step challenge, which encourages associates to get moving.
  • Shed nearly 2.5 tons in a company-sponsored Weight Watchers program.
  • In partnership with Central Ohio Primary Care, opened our first on-site health clinic in Columbus, Ohio. Associates made 280 visits between October and year-end.
  • Introduced the Mind Matters stress reduction program in select locations.
Explore and establish programs with a focus on financial security.
  • Continued to share the company’s success with associates
    through financial rewards at all levels within the organization.

    • Discretionary CEO bonus for those ineligible for other incentive programs.
    • Discretionary 401(k) contributions for all associates, even if not enrolled in the plan; nearly 9,500 active participants in 2016 with nearly 8,000 taking full advantage of the 5% company match.
  • Associates benefited from 110 hours of consultation through our College Coach program, a free resource helping families with college preparation.
  • Established Card Services’ Help Right Here fund, an associate-funded reserve that associates can apply for in times of need or unexpected hardship.
  • Leverage new, more frequent associate feedback, internal analytics, and insight to identify opportunities for targeted, relevant programs that benefit our associates and enhance our culture.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made

Build a culture of inclusion where we celebrate and recognize the talents, individuality, and achievements of a diverse workforce.

Create an enterprise-wide steering committee to define a more formal framework for acquiring diverse talent and maintaining an inclusive work environment.
  • Formed the Diversity and Inclusion Council to nurture different points of view and ensure every associate feels recognized and supported.
  • Signed Texas Competes Pledge, a partnership of business leaders committed to an economically vibrant Texas that welcomes all, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.
  • Named to FORTUNE 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity.
Establish ground rules for creation of affinity groups.
  • Formed new military member and veteran affinity groups.
  • Offered more than 10 LoyaltyOne Women in Leadership events and programs, including a mentorship program, fireside chats with senior leaders, and the inaugural International Women’s Day Panel.
Promote diversity on leadership team and Board of Directors.
  • Increased the representation of women on our senior leadership team to 34.5%.
  • Created a board skills matrix to identify specific range of skills needed in our Board of Directors to ensure a proper range of viewpoints and expertise in areas critical to company success.
  • Women in leadership recognition:
    • Jane Huston, Chief People Officer, Epsilon/Conversant, Dallas Business Journal’s top women in business.
    • Heidi Froseth, Group Director, Shopper Science and Design; Alicia Smestad, EVP and Senior Group Director; Kim Finnerty, SVP, Consumer and Shopper Insights, Shopper Marketing Magazine’s Women of Excellence.
    • Jeannie Green, VP of Data Solutions, Marketing EDGE’s rising stars.
  • Promote a culture of inclusion, where associates have a voice and diverse perspectives are celebrated.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made