Our commitment: Create a workplace where associates can grow and contribute to the success of the company.

Our people

make it happen.

Our accolades, our success, our growth — we owe it all to our associates. To be the best company we can be, not only do we need to continue attracting the best talent, but to retain that talent, it’s imperative that we invest in our people. That’s why we give our associates the tools and resources they need to be successful and productive, at work and at home. Alliance Data recognizes that health and well-being, growth and development, and leadership skills are important both to our associates and to our business. By investing in these areas, we’ll be able to attract and retain the right people, create pride among our associates, and inspire healthy behaviors.

Spotlight: Supporting Our People

We offer training, benefits, and resources to help our associates be healthy and happy.

2015 Highlights

Helped support good health habits with easy and


4,069 associates logged more than 831 million steps in the Million Step Challenge — 17 times around the world

800 associates joined on-site Weight Watchers program

34% of associates received free on-site Health Checks

Increased fitness reimbursement benefit by 20%

Invested more than


90-minute training sessions
to fit in associates’ busy schedules

hours of training

Developed an
Early Career Rotation program
so new associates can learn all aspects of our business

Recognized by Fortune Magazine for


100 Best Workplaces for Millennials

100 Best Workplaces for Women

50 Best Workplaces for Diversity

Celebrated success and praised coworkers for


Pass It On program
used social media-like platform to recognize coworkers


Average of
18 recognitions received per associate and 12 recognitions sent per associate

Engage associates and develop leaders who are passionate about the company.

Launch formalized training protocol for new people managers to ensure they have the necessary management skills to lead, motivate, and empower our growing workforce.
  • More than 328,000 total training hours.
  • More than $5.5 million invested in training.
  • Strong leadership focus on developing our people, goal setting and ongoing manager feedback.
  • Emphasis on improving business acumen — ensuring leadership and individuals understand how their individual efforts contribute to the success of the company.
  • Developed job rotation program to encourage creative, adaptable, and collaborative thinking.
  • Rolled out 90-minute training courses in direct response to associate feedback (“I want training, but I don’t have time”).
Reduce voluntary turnover rates by 1% annually.
  • Annual voluntary turnover rates:
    • 2015: 16.3%
    • 2014: 15%
    • 2013: 15%
Increase engagement and enablement scores by 2%.
  • Associate engagement
    • 2015: 79% (up 1% from 2014)
    • 2014: 78%
    • 2013: 78%
  • Associate enablement
    • 2015: 72% (up 3% from 2014)
    • 2014: 69%
    • 2013: 70%
  • 82% of associates are proud to work for Alliance Data.
  • 79% said they feel motivated to go beyond their formal job responsibilities.
  • 76% would recommend Alliance Data as one of the best places to work.
  • 79% agree that their jobs provide them the opportunity to do challenging and interesting work.
  • 71% said conditions in their jobs allow them to be as productive as possible.
  • Continue roll out of training and leadership development programs.
  • Leverage workforce data to better manage and predict turnover.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made

Support overall well-being of the “whole associate.”

Continue to provide access to premier health benefits and wellness programs that improve the health of our associates and their families.
  • 95% of associates (only asked to Alliance Data associates) agree Alliance Data provides benefits that meet their needs (up 2% from 2014).
  • Emphasis on assessing and enhancing programs to ensure they remain competitive and meet the needs of our growing global population.
  • Introduced a new online tool, Castlight Health, to help associates research and make more informed decisions about their healthcare providers.
  • Increased fitness reimbursement benefit by 20% (from $250 to $300) for self-selected health programs not covered by the company.
  • Promoted the usage of MDLIVE, our 365/24/7 telemedicine program, used by 26% of U.S. associates.
Explore and establish programs with a focus on financial security.
  • Continued to share the company’s success with associates
    through financial rewards at all levels within the organization.

    • Discretionary CEO bonus, for those generally not eligible for other incentive programs
    • Discretionary 401(k) contributions for all associates — even if not enrolled in the plan
  • Increased short-term disability benefit to 100% for up to 8 weeks.
  • Introduced paid bonding leave for dads, adoptive parents, and long-term foster parents.
  • Saved 2,419 workdays with Backup Care — 80 hours of free dependent care for those can’t-be-everywhere-at-once days.
  • Nearly 9,000 active 401(k) participants; more than 7,000 taking full advantage of the 5% company match.
  • 787 associates benefited from College Coach — a free resource helping families successfully navigate the college-prep landscape.
  • Developed guidelines for establishing associate assistance program.
Examine and ensure proper protocol and procedures are in place to uphold a safe and secure workplace.
  • Enhanced our associate travel management system through the launch of new Guardly technology, providing more effective two-way travel communication through alerts and 24/7 global help desk.
  • Created campaign promoting awareness and resources to empower associate victims of family violence, providing them a path to safety.
  • Continue to assess the needs of our workforce to ensure programs meet the needs of our growing global population.
  • Continue to enhance our reward and recognition programs so that associates at every level can share in the company’s success.
  • Explore opportunities to offer programs that would provide financial assistance to certain segments of our population.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made

Build a culture of inclusion where we celebrate and recognize the talents, individuality, and achievements of a diverse workforce.

Create an enterprise-wide steering committee to define a more formal framework for acquiring diverse talent and maintaining an inclusive work environment.
  • Assembled cross-line of business taskforce to research the creation of a more formal inclusion strategy.
  • Formed an associate-led Diversity and Inclusion Council.
  • Introduced redefined inclusion statement.
Establish ground rules for creation of affinity groups.
  • Created foundation and parameters for first formalized resource group centered on military members and veterans.
Promote diversity on leadership team and Board of Directors.
  • Women make up 55% of total associate population.
  • Women compose nearly 35% of our Senior Leadership Team.
  • Appointed first woman to Alliance Data Board of Directors.
  • Roll out affinity groups.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made