Our commitment: Protect and improve the vitality of our communities by investing in programs that demonstrate a measurable and meaningful impact.

Giving back

is a big part of who we are.

Supporting the communities where we live and work, whether through time, talent, or financial support, is embedded in our values and a big part of our identity. It’s one of our responsibilities as a profitable company. But it’s also much more than that — our investments help strengthen local economies, engage our workforce, and build a vibrant, more resilient society. While there are many admirable causes, we focus our efforts on the priorities of our associates and the pressing needs in their communities.

Leading the Way

Business can be a powerful force for good in society. Beyond the products and services we offer, a successful company like ours has the financial resources and talented people to improve lives and strengthen communities in unique ways.

Karen Wald Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs
& Chief of Staff,
Alliance Data

Spotlight: Helping Kids Learn and Grow

A big part of our community investment is improving the lives of children. One way we do that is by supporting programs that prepare kids for kindergarten, as well as provide resources to their parents to become strong, contributing members of the workforce.

2016 Highlights

  • Increased community investment by 22% to $11.5 million

  • To combat hunger, donated more than $3.5 million to food banks in Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Lenexa, and Boston

  • Associates logged 27,000 volunteer hours (increased by 8%)

  • Matched nearly $500,000 in associate donations

  • 86% of associates believe Alliance Data is a good corporate citizen

Ensure focus and impact of our increasing contributions budget given our expanding global and philanthropic footprint.

Work toward best-in-class giving benchmark of 1% of adjusted EBITDA. Our goal has been to invest $50 million in the community over five years, starting in 2014.
  • Increased community investment by 22% year-over-year to $11.5 million, from $9.4 million in 2015.
  • On track to meet our multi-year $50 million goal in 2017 and our annual 1% of adjusted net EBITDA goal by 2020, as per our five-year financial road map.
Conduct a strategic philanthropy planning exercise to help us further focus our resources and competencies for maximum impact.
  • Corporate Responsibility Leadership Council refined our community giving strategy with the help of Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF).
Understand the impacts and unique requirements for developing and implementing a truly global philanthropy program, including exploration of international partnerships and areas of local need in new regions.
  • Established a relationship with SVCF to aid in the vetting and equivalency determination for international organizations.
  • Partnered with company leadership in India to identify issues and organizations to institute our value of giving back in our new Bangalore, India office.
  • Enhanced our collaboration with international offices including Toronto (Canada), Den Bosch (Holland), and the UK.
Roll out updated giving guidelines and new grant application process to ensure transparency, clarity, and consistency in how we manage our funding process.
  • Following our annual review, updated the guidelines to reflect matters we deem material to our decision-making process.
Implement new grant application and tracking tool to more efficiently manage increasing complexity of global philanthropy program (measurement/outcomes and nonprofit partnerships).
  • Through our relationship with SVCF, set up improved governance around our grant making, including the ability to track outcomes, the benefits of which will largely be realized in 2017.
  • Invest an additional $60 million globally by 2020 in the communities where we live and work.
  • Invest $20 million in “data for good” programs that help nonprofits build mission-critical, capacity-leveraging, data-driven insights.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made

Ignite the community passions of our associates by continuing to provide opportunities, encouragement, and permission for associates to get involved in their communities.

Institute a recognized protocol for volunteer time off.
  • Each line of business has its own volunteer time off protocol, giving associates flexibility and encouragement to do good in the community, either on their own or as a group.
Create and connect associates to a variety of volunteer opportunities including hands-on, skills-based, virtual, and voluntourism.
  • Increased total volunteer hours by 8% for a total of 27,000 hours.
  • Annually, each business sets aside time throughout the year to encourage and inspire associates to get involved in their community.
    • Epsilon Summer of Service — Associates donated 26,000 items, logged 4,200 volunteer hours, and raised $84,000 for local charities.
    • LoyaltyOne Community One Week — Volunteers logged 2,900 hours with 24 different charities, rolling up their sleeves to sort food, build houses, refurbish furniture, prepare meals, provide mentorship, and more.
    • Card Services National Volunteer Week — 222 associates volunteered more than 325 hours in five days, helping assemble 300 summer learning kits, sorting 5,494 pounds of food at Mid-Ohio Foodbank, and delivering 700 brown bag lunches to a homeless shelter.
Research and implement communication tools that better connect and manage associate volunteerism.
  • Selected a new technology platform for more effective management and promotion of volunteer activities enterprise-wide that will be rolled out in 2017.
Increase participation in our matching gifts and volunteer reward programs — improve participation rates in each program by 5%.
  • Increased participation in 1:1 matching gifts program by 7% from 2014 to 2016; associates donated $450,000 in 2016, which was matched by the company.
  • Volunteer rewards program participation declined by 21% from 2014 to 2016; associates volunteered 450 hours through the program in 2016, which resulted in a $45,000 donation by the company.
  • Annually increase associate engagement in the community through volunteerism and participation in our matching gifts program, dollars for doers’ program, and annual campaigns.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made