Our commitment: Protect and improve the vitality of our communities by investing in programs that demonstrate a measurable and meaningful impact.

Giving back

is a big part of who we are.

Our success has enabled us to address global challenges affecting the communities where we live and work by investing time, talent, and treasure in organizations impacting the most critical issues. These investments are driven by a desire to improve life in our communities that ultimately lead to a healthier economy. We also take pride in our ability to unite our associates with causes and organizations that help them feel connected to a greater common purpose, even giving them a chance to learn new skills through volunteerism. Ultimately, investing in the community creates a stronger, more engaged workforce and a vibrant, more sustainable society.

Spotlight: Children

One of the ways we invest in the community is by promoting, protecting, and improving the lives of children.

Children's Health

In 2015, we expanded our focus on children’s health by donating more than $1 million to children’s hospitals across the country.

Better Bonus

LoyaltyOne’s AIR MILES Reward Program got Canadian shoppers involved to make a difference in the lives of children.

2015 Highlights

Expanded our focus on children’s health by donating more than


to Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus

to Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City

to Children’s Hospital of Michigan

to Children’s Hospital Colorado

to Children’s Health Dallas



where we live and work

AIR MILES program donated 9.7 million miles

Habitat for Humanity builds in 9 locations

An increase of


since 2014

$2.6 million to United Way

New My Possibilities university-style campus (the first of its kind) for adults with special needs

Whole-heartedly supported our


Associates logged
volunteer hours
(an increase of 36% from 2014)

Awarded 4
grants to associate-driven projects through the Internal Grant Reward Program and added a new
Fan Favorite grant chosen by associates

Paid out a record
through the matching gifts program
(28% increase from 2014)

Donated and matched
for 7,100 hours through the Volunteer Rewards program

Ensure focus and impact of our increasing contributions budget given our expanding global and philanthropic footprint.

Work toward “best in class” giving benchmark of 1% of adjusted EBITDA. Our goal is to invest $50 million in the community over the next 5 years.
  • Increased community investments by 84% to $9.4 million.
  • Created a 5-year financial road map to help ensure we stay on track toward the 2020 goal.
Conduct a strategic philanthropy planning exercise to help us further focus our resources and competencies for maximum impact.
  • Kick off conducted through half-day session during annual corporate responsibility council summit.
  • Outcomes were compiled and delivered back to the council for feedback and validation.
  • Outlined indicators for grant decision-making in primary focus areas.
Understand the impacts and unique requirements for developing and implementing a truly global philanthropy program, including exploration of international partnerships and areas of local need in new regions.
  • Supported international associate-recommended initiatives in India and the UK.
  • Established updated international payments protocol.
Roll out updated giving guidelines and new grant application process to ensure transparency, clarity, and consistency in how we manage our funding process.
  • Announced updated giving guidelines internally and externally, including a link to a newly created external grant application.
Implement new grant application and tracking tool to more efficiently manage increasing complexity of global philanthropy program (measurement/outcomes and nonprofit partnerships).
  • A technology for grant tracking was selected and implemented for the purposes of managing grant funding and measuring outcomes consistently across the business.
  • Invest more than $10 million in the community in 2016, to .6% of adjusted EBITDA.
  • Ensure responsible use of funds by collaborating with our businesses and individual communities to identify investment opportunities in defined impact areas.
  • Develop detailed budget matrix to address financial distribution across our businesses and locations.
  • Continue strategic exploration of new and reputable nonprofit partners and programs, both domestic and international, who match our mission and purpose.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made

Ignite the community passions of our associates by continuing to provide opportunities, encouragement, and permission for associates to get involved in their communities.

Institute a recognized protocol for volunteer time off.
  • Promoted culture of engagement where associates feel empowered to get involved and managers recognize and value the importance of allowing associates time off to volunteer.
  • The diversity of our workforce has made it challenging to create a universal volunteer time off policy. Each line of business manages their volunteer time off protocol in a way that meets the needs of their workforce.
Connect associates to a variety of volunteer opportunities including hands-on, skills based, virtual, and voluntourism.
  • Increased total volunteer hours by 36% for a total of 25,000 hours.
  • Created and captured new skills-based opportunities using our technical, legal, and creative expertise.
  • Piloted new virtual volunteer platform that allows associates to volunteer from their desks.
Research and implement communication tools that better connect and manage associate volunteerism.
  • Explored options for using existing platforms (vs. introducing new community engagement technology) to help promote volunteerism and incentivize associate participation.
Increase participation in our matching gifts and volunteer reward programs — improve participation rates in each program by 5%.
  • Exceeded goal.
  • Matching gifts program: Increased participation by 28% and matched $938,000.
  • Volunteer reward program: Increased participation by more than 100% and matched $71,000 for 7,100 hours.
  • Through communication and leadership endorsement, ensure associates feel they have the opportunity and permission to participate in volunteerism.
  • Identify a solution to better connect individual skills to the needs in the community, creating a more effective “skills-based” volunteer pipeline; research and begin to develop a plan for potential “voluntourism” experience.
  • Expand functionality of existing technology platforms to create a more sophisticated tool to better manage volunteer events, connect associates to volunteer opportunities, and track participation.
  • Increase participation rates in both matching gifts and volunteer reward programs to 10%.

Some Progress Made

Good Progress Made

Excellent Progress Made