Check out our first ever Corporate Responsibility Report! You'll find
highlights from the 2013 calendar year that show our commitment to
sustainability. The report reflects the entire enterprise, including
Alliance Data corporate headquarters, Epsilon, LoyaltyOne, and
Alliance Data Retail Services. Get the full report here.
Be a leader in the secure and responsible use of consumer data.
Create a workplace where associates can grow and contribute to the success of the company.
Protect and nurture the vitality of our communities by investing in programs that demonstrate a measurable impact.
Measurably reduce our carbon footprint per associate.
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Putting Safety First
Safety first sums up our approach to data. Our information security policy was designed to adhere to ISO 27001, and our advanced protocols guard against cyber threats. To keep data safe in an ever-changing world, we continuously cycle through a vigorous enterprise-wide assessment of our security systems and protocols.
TOP 5 Things to Know

1. Privacy and information security are deeply ingrained
Our Privacy Officers and Information Security Officers work together and with teams in each line of business to
ensure that regulations are met; standards and technology requirements are monitored; and security and privacy
matters are addressed up front in our solutions.

  • All associates are required to take an annual privacy and information security course
  • Those who handle consumer data undergo another layer of rigorous data privacy and security training
2. We play an active role in the privacy conversation.
As a leader in our industry, we are out front leading the charge. We help work to shape policies that are good for
all parties involved — consumers, clients, and Alliance Data.

  • Collaborate with industry associations and peers in conversations to help inform best practices related to responsible data-driven marketing
  • Educate legislators, policy makers, regulators, consumers, and other constituents
3. Our policies are followed to the letter.
We have strict standards in place that we all follow to keep information secure.

  • Our Corporate Information Security Policy follows the ISO 27001 standard on information security management
  • Each line of business, including Corporate, adheres to Privacy Policies established to protect and assure appropriate use of information related to consumers
4. We keep up with evolving technology.
We are continually monitoring and adapting our security and privacy practices to evolving technology.

  • In 2013, created a leading online portal called the Consumer Preference Center, where consumers can check whether their data is correct and opt in or out of programs
  • Employ cloud technology and work with mobile applications
5. New regulations mean quick action and integration.
When new privacy or security standards, or banking or credit regulations are enacted, we review the
requirements to determine the impact to our business and our clients.

  • Compliance and control mechanisms are established
  • Training protocols are developed to ensure these changes are integrated into our operations and client solutions
What's Next?

As the debate over consumer privacy continues, we will strive to maintain the highest standards of data protection and proper data usage as we work forward our 2014 goals. We will continue to play an active role in the privacy conversation by collaborating with industry peers to inform regulation, shape best practices, and continue to assess new and evolving technologies to drive improvement.
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Rewarding Hard
When our company does well, we want everyone to share in that success. Inspired by associate feedback, we just launched the CEO Discretionary Bonus program for associates who weren't eligible for other incentive compensation. In 2013, 7,647 associates received a percentage of their salary in the form of a cash bonus.
TOP 5 Things
to Know

1. We listen to associates.
Our culture is built around open communication. And associate feedback shapes everything we do.

  • Rely on associate surveys, engagement teams, round table forums, online platforms, and innovation teams
  • Hold quarterly update meetings
  • Promote 360º performance evaluations for two-way communication between associates and managers
2. Everyone is valued.
We respect and celebrate the talents, individuality, and achievements of our associates. We strive to create an inclusive and diverse workforce where associates feel valued and their ideas are heard.

  • Track record of developing and promoting women into management, including senior management
  • Career Pathways help associates take the next step in their profession
3. Good health and work/life balance are a top priority.
At Alliance Data, we know that we’re healthiest, happiest, and most productive when our lives are in balance.

  • 24/7 on-demand health care services through MDLive
  • On-site fitness centers and other health and fitness discounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Work-from-home programs
4. Learning is an ongoing process.
We nurture a challenging and meaningful workplace that enables associates to develop to their full potential.

  • Over 6,000 free resources, training modules, and eBooks are available through our online training and development portal
  • Free tuition assistance (up to $5,250 a year for full-time associates and  $2,625 for part-time associates)
  • Increased our total investment in training
5. We enable and encourage associates to “make it happen.”
We support a culture of freethinking and innovative problem solving. Associates are empowered to make decisions and act in ways that add value to the company.

  • Recognized as a Best Place to Work in multiple locations*
  • Continue to see an increase in associate engagement and enablement scores (“will do” and “can do” ratings) every year
  • Consistently recognize high-performing associates in all of our communication and through recognition and reward programs
*#1 Best Places to Work, Mid-Sized Companies, Dallas Morning News; #3 Top Large Workplaces, Denver Post; #3 Best Large Company, Columbus Business First Best Places to Work, for Retail Services; #6 Best Employers in Canada, LoyaltyOne; #9 Top Midsize Workplaces, Cincinnati Enquirer
What's Next?

Like many organizations, our biggest challenge in the years ahead is being able to attract and retain people with the right skills and culture fit to match our growing needs.

Because of this, we'll continue to make ongoing enhancements in our culture, our internal learining and development programs, and our comprehensive benefits program.

Our 2014 Corporate Responsibility goals show that we will continue to do what it takes to make Alliance Data and each line of business a great place to work.
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One Day, 4,500
Volunteer Hours
On communityOne Day, you won't find anyone at the LoyaltyOne offices. Associates spend the day volunteering at local charities. Last year, associates provided 4,500 volunteer hours to 15 different charities. Activities ranged from cleaning parks to assembling prosthetic hands for amputees to packing lunches and summer survival kits for the homeless.
TOP 5 Things
to Know

1. Giving back is part of our culture.
It's never been about accolades or awards for us. Giving back is just part of what we do. And we do it really well.

  • Enterprise-wide efforts, such as our Internal Grant Reward Program, matching gifts, and volunteer rewards
  • Initiatives led by our lines of business, such as Dress for Success, Operation Feed, and CHUM (Christmas Wish Holiday Charity Drive)
  • Enterprise-wide partnerships like Habitat for Humanity in which associates from all lines of business volunteered over 900 hours in eight days
2. Our associates help shape and define our community involvement.
When it comes to giving back, our associates play an active role. Their input and feedback has helped us determine which areas to focus on and how to foster participation.

  • Spirit of competition — Fun for our associates and good for the nonprofits that benefit
  • Team-building activities — Regularly revolve around volunteering or giving back
3. We put a lot of thought into how our money is spent.
In 2013, we invested nearly $4.5 million in the community. This scale of giving doesn’t happen overnight — we put a lot of consideration into our level of giving and how the money is being spent.

  • We support education, children, and independent living in an effort to bring about meaningful and measureable change
  • Key partnerships — United Way, Kids Help Phone, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, motionball, Homeport, LaunchAbility, Habitat for Humanity, and others
4. We encourage our associates to make a difference, and we help their gifts have a bigger impact.
We want to engage and inspire our associates to make a difference. That’s why we support their efforts in a number of ways.

  • Over 6,000 free resources, training modules, and eBooks are available through our online training and development portal
  • Volunteer rewards — For every 30 hours of volunteer time, associates receive $300 to donate to their charity of choice
5. As we grow, we’ll give back even more.
We believe in protecting and nurturing the vitality of our communities, knowing that a healthy community leads to a strong economy.

  • We’re working to become even more strategic (and generous) in our investments to address widespread social issues
  • We’ll increase our corporate philanthropy budget every year at a rate that corresponds to the profitability and growth of the company
What's Next?

Our 2014 goals highlight not only our commitment to increase our total giving budget and volunteer hours, but to improve the way we measure the outcomes and impacts of our contributions. Ultimately, we want to expand our reach both nationally and globally. This is a responsibility we take seriously, both as it relates to the communities where we work and live and to our shareholders who have a stake in everything we do.
Measuring Our
In 2013, we completed our second enterprise-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, enabling us to compare performance against our 2012 baseline. Although we are still working on collecting consistent data across the company, we have a clearer focus on opportunities to make progress in the areas of energy, waste, and paper reduction.
TOP 5 Things
to Know

1. We’ve fixed our focus on the highest impact areas.
Our associates, clients, and other stakeholders are driving us to embrace a more environmentally conscious culture. For the first time, we have an enterprise-wide baseline of our environmental footprint. This gives us the foundation to better manage our impact through responsible practices and decision-making. The three areas with the most significant opportunities for improvement:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Paper
2. Energy efficiency is complicated but achievable.
One of our top emissions sources is the electricity and natural gas we purchase for our buildings and facilities. However, achieving significant emissions reductions can be challenging.

  • Sometimes we share buildings with other organizations or lease space from property managers
  • Learning from LoyaltyOne; they have reduced their total GHG emissions by 34% over the past five years by purchasing green energy and making extensive building retrofits and updates to become more energy efficient
3. We’re putting “waste not” into action.
Eco-friendly practices are becoming common throughout the company. It’s all about waste diversion — cutting back on our generated waste through source reduction, recycling, and reuse.

  • Initiated waste survey in 2013 and will use those results to develop an action plan for improvements
  • 80% of responding locations have waste recycling programs, and 75% of responding locations are sending electronic waste to designated recycling programs or donating electronic equipment to charities and schools
  • Most common waste materials we send to landfills are paper towels, organics, plastic film, disposable cups, and office paper
  • Work-from-home programs
4. For us, paper really stacks up.
We purchase paper for internal use, but the majority of our paper purchases are for external use — what we buy on behalf of our clients.

  • We’re looking for opportunities to engage suppliers to help us advance our sustainable paper purchasing practices
  • Will continue to innovate around our digital communication platforms, spurring a shift away from paper
  • We are committed to supporting reforestation to offset some of our paper use
5. We still have progress to make, but we’re up for the challenge!
As we develop programs in our focus areas, another factor weighs in on our overall performance. There is a direct correlation between the growth of our business and the 33% increase in our carbon footprint we experienced from 2012 to 2013.

  • Increased our number of associates (~1,000) and the buildings we operate (~13)
  • Saw continued growth in our digital print operations and significant new client wins
  • Are finding practice makes perfect as we work to advance our data collection practices year over year
What's Next?

As we formalize and improve our environmental data collection efforts, we are dedicated to making our processes more accurate, efficient, and effective. We will continue to work on reducing our carbon footprint, developing a waste diversion program, and introducing a sustainable paper purchasing strategy in 2014.

It won’t be an easy journey, but it’s one we are prepared to take. We expect to continue to learn and evolve our approach along the way!
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We’re a leading provider of marketing, loyalty, and credit solutions that uses the power of data to achieve results for our clients. Together, our three lines of business manage more than 100 MILLION consumer relationships for some of the world’s leading brands.
  • Know more. Sell more. It's our commitment to helping our partners better understand their customers, and to driving more sales through our branded card programs.
    More than 26 million cardholder customers.
    Over 25 years experience in driving sales for our partners.
    Managing more than 100 credit
    programs for leading brands.
    3100 Easton Square Place / Columbus, OH 43219
  • LoyaltyOne is a global leader in the design and implementation of coalition loyalty programs, customer analytics and loyalty management solutions.
    of Canadian households with active AIR MILES accounts.
    years of global coalition loyalty leadership.
    120 million customer relationships influenced.
    438 University Avenue / Toronto ON M5G 2L1
  • 1-800-309-0505 /
    Epsilon is the global leader in making connections between people and brands.
    Over 42 billion permission-based emails annually.
    Ad Age's 2014 top-ranked U.S. agency from all disciplines.
    Over 150 marketing databases.
    6021 Connection Drive / Irving, TX 75039
    Alliance Data is made up of three successful businesses:
    Alliance Data Retail Services, LoyaltyOne, and Epsilon.
LoyaltyOne-A Plot Twist With Dividends:
A financial services love story with an unexpected hero
Ed’s contrarian approach and bold moves have helped Alliance Data rank in the top 1% of companies in terms of shareholder return.
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A record performance in 2014, led to another stellar year.
Our more than 15,000 associates are the reasons for our ongoing success.
All for Good
Alliance Data has always operated responsibly. It’s part of the foundation of our success and has allowed us to maintain our record performance. It’s part of what makes us a great place to work and a great company to partner with. Our corporate responsibility report signifies our commitment to doing business responsibly and efficiently while continuing to increase our level of excellence.

Take a look at our 2013 activities and commitments.

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